Experience in solar for over 40 years

SANYO started the development of amorphous silicon solar cells in 1975, over 40 years ago. Since then, thanks to our constant efforts in Research and Development, many innovative products were developed and commercialized. We have achieved best quality and reliability levels through long experience and continuous improvement because our modules are designed to last for decades. SANYO became a full subsidiary of the Panasonic Group in 2011 and adopted the Panasonic brand name in 2012.



SANYO starts development of solar cells from amorphous silicon.


SANYO is the first manufacturer worldwide to commercially produce solar cells made of amorphous silicon.


SANYO is the first manufacturer in Japan to equip residential buildings with photovoltaic systems that generate energy to be fed into the power grid.


Market introduction of photovoltaic systems for private use on residential dwellings.


SANYO Solar Cells with Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer technology enter serial production. They are marketed under the brand name HIT®.
Market introduction of 170 W Solar Modules.
Cell efficiency ratio: 16.4%; Module efficiency ratio: 14.4%.


Market introduction of 180 W Photovoltaic Modules.
Cell efficiency ratio: 17.4%; Module efficiency ratio: 15.2%.


Completion of the world’s largest solar power plant on the site of the SANYO facility in Gifu: the SANYO Solar Ark. 


Market introduction of the 190 W Photovoltaic Module. Cell efficiency ratio: 18.5%; Module efficiency ratio: 16.1%


SANYO enhances the market with 200 W Photovoltaic Modules with the
world’s highest efficiency ratio.
The Nishikinohama (Osaka Prefecture) factory is built for the production of Photovoltaic Cells / Modules.


The SANYO factory in Hungary begins serial production of HIT®.


SANYO exceeds the 100 million mark in the production of HIT®. Cell efficiency ratio in Research and Development: 22.3%.
Expansion of the Hungary facility for the production of the HIT HD Modules.
Market introduction of the 215 W Photovoltaic Modules. Cell efficiency
ratio: 19.3%; Module efficiency ratio: 17.2%.


SANYO introduces the HDE1 product line: Unique honeycomb design is the result of technological developments for the utilisation of silicon reserves.


SANYO introduces the high performance 220 Watt HIT® to the European market.
At 17.4%, the SANYO HIT® had the world’s highest efficiency ratio.


SANYO introduces new high performance 235 Watt HIT®, to the European market.
At 18.6%, the SANYO HIT® has at that moment the world’s highest efficiency ratio.


In February, SANYO launches its 240 W Module with a cell efficieny of 21,6 %.

In October, Tokay University Solar Car Team won the 2011 World Solar Championship in Australia. The winning car profited from the highest energy conversion rate supplied by HIT®.


In April  the brand for our solar modules changed from “SANYO“ to “Panasonic“ in Europe. The change applied to the brand name only. There was no change to the sales structure and the modules continued to be manufactured at the same production bases as before. 

Panasonic built a new company in Malaysia to serve as the new solar manufacturing base for Asia. Panasonic invests 45 billion yen in the facility, which is to start operation in December 2012 with an annual production capacity of 300 MW.

That year, the new Black Back Sheet modules are released on the European
market, offering an aesthetic choice for houseowners.


April sees the largest on-roof installation in Turkey being equipped with HIT®. The installation then goes on to surprise its owner with an energy yield exceeding the forecast by 17% .


Our new, improved Module VBHN24xSJ25 comes on the market.
World record in research and development: 25.6% cell efficiency!

And 1 billion of our solar cells were produced!