The HIT® photovoltaic modules: VBHN245SJ25 / VBHN240SJ25


The new HIT® Module allows house owners to benefit from multiple advantages:

1.        High efficiency: With a Module efficiency of 19.4 % and a cell conversion efficiency of 22 %), the HIT®-N245 ranks high on the level of efficiency in the market. With its very low temperature coefficient of only -0.29%/°C, the HIT® solar cell offers better performance than conventional cells in normal operating conditions.

2.        Water-drainage frame: drainage lines in the Module frame allow for constant discharging of accumulated water. As water is not allowed to dry on the Module, there are no drying stains, and any build-up of humidity inside the panel is effectively prevented. A welcome side-effect is that the water-drainage frames help to keep modules clean even in low-angle installations.

With the new HIT® modules, Panasonic re-established its position among leading solar Module manufacturers. The first modules will be shipped from the company’s newly established global manufacturing hub in Malaysia. The HIT®-N245 and HIT®-N240 boast the highest quality and reliability: Panasonic employs strict materials selection and qualified manufacturing processes. A vertically integrated factory allows for exhaustive quality assessments at every step of production. The resulting modules are IEC certified by JET.

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"HIT®" is a registered trademark and an original technology of the Panasonic Group.