Panasonic Activates Online Simulator for Dutch Homeowners to Visualize Benefits of Installing Solar


Panasonic, a world-renowned leader in consumer electronics across a wide array of industries, today launched a new, online solar simulation platform for Dutch homeowners.

Building upon Panasonic’s UK launch earlier in 2016, the free and interactive “Simulate your Solar System” platform now enables homeowners residing in the Netherlands to input their address, roof characteristicsand yearly electricity consumption to provide a personalised estimate of their home’s solar potential and showing them how close they can get to a 100% reduction of their current yearly electricity costs using Panasonic HIT®’s high-perfomance solar modules.

The service offers greater transparency to what can be a daunting decision-making process for a homeowner to change their source of energy. Panasonic’s virtual simulator allows Dutch homeowners to understand the potential of their roof before requesting a quote, giving them full control over their decision to move to the next step and in line with Panasonic’s high quality philosophy, convincing on facts and not hassling customers with unwanted contacts or offers.. In addition to immediate energy cost savings, the simulator shows how homeowners can also benefit from energy independence, price stability, making their homes future-ready, and transitioning to a truly sustainable source of energy.

“Over the last few years, Dutch homeowners have really begun to embrace solar energy. According to a recent report by the national statistics office CBS, renewable energy now accounts for 12.4% of total production in the Netherlands, the first increased contribution to total electricity output for the country since 2012”, stated Daniel Roca, Senior Business Developer at Panasonic. “By expanding functionality of our interactive simulation platform to the Netherlands, we believe we can help provide a unique insight into how solar energy can benefit homeowners and empower them to join the clean energy revolution in the Netherlands under the high-quality umbrella of Panasonic, from the first click, until the first generated solar kWh.

After completing the step-by-step simulation, homeowners will have the option to schedule a free quote from an authorised local Panasonic Solar Premium Installer to plan out specific financial and system requirements, selecting from Panasonic’s full high efficiency HIT® solar panel line-up, which consists of 3 combinable formats. The goal: help the homeowner get more power on any roof! even under challenging roof conditions, which is often the case in the Netherlands.Panasonic, which has manufactured high quality, reliable solar products for the past 40 years, currently brings its impressively low failure rates of below 0.005% to over 3.7 million modules in operation throughout Europe. The company also features an extended product guarantee of 15 years across its entire module portfolio, bringing a value and reliability commitment to its partners and end users.

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