Panasonic Helps Italian Homeowners Discover Benefits of Installing Solar Energy With New Online Platform

MUNICH — 7th September, 2016— Panasonic, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics brands today launched a new, interactive online service helping Italian homeowners learn the true benefits of installing solar energy on their roofs.
Titled “Simulate your Solar System”, the interactive platform enables homeowners to input their address, roof characteristics and yearly electricity consumption to provide a personalised, easy to understand estimate of their home’s solar potential and how much they can save using Panasonic’s world-renowned HIT® solar panels.
The free service is one of the first to bring all steps of installing solar energy on a homeowner’s roof into one, simple-to-use platform. The platform is aimed at helping bring confidence and clarity to Italian residents who want to learn more about switching to solar energy with Panasonic, one of the most trusted and experienced electronics manufacturers in the world, having marked 40 years of producing solar power technology last year.
“We’re very excited to be one of the first manufacturers to directly help Italian homeowners learn more about the significant benefits of solar energy and how they can start the process of switching to solar today”, stated Daniel Roca, Senior Business Developer at Panasonic. “Italy currently has some of the most expensive electricity prices in Europe and many residents are not aware of the significant reductions they can make in their electricity bill by installing solar power. By launching
this new service, we want to help homeowners discover the numerous benefits of installing solar in an easy to use platform open to all homeowners across the country.”
Upon discovering how much they can save with solar, users can request a free, verified quote from a local Panasonic Premium Installer program, compiled of the country’s most reliable and respected solar energy installers. All installers are personally trained on Panasonic’s platform and solar panel technology to provide unparalleled experience in helping guide residents along the solar installation process.
Panasonic, known for providing consumers around the world with high-quality electronics have been manufacturing solar technology for over 40 years, bringing an impressively low failure rate of below 0.005% to over 3.7 million modules in operation throughout Europe. The company also features an extended product guarantee of 15 years across its entire module portfolio, offering a value and reliability commitment to consumers across Europe.