Panasonic modules HIT®: great performance for decades

Panasonic modules HIT® are well-known for their high efficiency based on our original heterojunction technology and energy yields which are often above the average. They are also characterised by the highest quality standards regarding material and production as well as their long-lasting reliability. This leads to great performance even after many years.

We are proud to present ten pv installations with Panasonic modules HIT® which have been in operation for at least ten years. Find out how they operate after a decade.

Hohenkammer, Germany, installed 2006  

Location: Hohenkammer, Germany
PV Module: 50x HIP-215NHE5
System size: 10,75 kW
Installation date: August 2006
Specific yield average: 1,125 kWh/kWp

The German EEG law ensures a constant purchase price of electricity from the rooftop. At the time, SANYO HIT® was the solar panel with the highest efficiency and it was fitted by a local PV installer, the AEES GmbH.
The system has been constantly performing over the average yields in the region, and has suffered no downtime.  As yields in Southern Germany are expected at about 1,000 kWh/kWp the average 1,124 kWh/kWp and the 2015 yield of 1,145 kWh/kWp are a clear indication of the superb performance of the panels even after 10 years.
"I am really happy to see that our PV system is so clearly above the guaranteed levels and works flawlessly every day after so many years“ – Peter Wagner, owner.

Real-time generation data:

Kißlegg, Germany, installed 2005  

Location: Kißlegg, GERMANY
PV Module: 168 x HIP-205NHE5
System size: 34,44 kWp
Installation date: November 2005
Specific yield average: 1,188 kWh/kWp

The array covers most of the roof of a typical German "Hof". The black frame and dark, homogenous appearance of the cells makes the PV system look well integrated in the landscape and does not alter the look of the property. With a near-perfect roof pitch of 38° and facing just 5° shy of perfect south, the location is very suitable for solar. The system has yielded, steadily over 1,150 kWh/kWp, well over the forecast and comparable systems and has managed over 1,200 kWh/kWp as recently as in 2015.

Real-time generation data:

Gunzenhausen, Germany, installed 2004  

Location: Gunzenhausen, Germany
PV Module: HIP-180BE2
System size: 15,04 kW
Installation date: 2004
Specific yield average: 1,042 kWh/kWp
Installer: Self installed

In 2004, the EEG in Germany was updated and the amount of systems installed started to grow. With a feed-in tariff, house owners were well adviced to try to maximize their income by installing the largest solar rooftop system possible.
The family Klungler installed this solar array themselves, and it has been performing evenly since day one, back in 2004. It is now over 12 years of operation, and as recently as 2015, the yield was spot-on. With 1,057 kWh/kWp, it was even higher than the average. Such example of steady performance of SANYO solar panels sets the level of quality and reliability that our customers are accustomed to expect from us.
The Klungler family has a public webpage with the yield results available:

Chelsfield, UK, installed 2004  

Location: Chelsfield, UNITED KINGDOM
PV Module: HIP-190NE1
System size: 1,14 kW
Installation date: September 2004
Specific yield average: 1,127 kWh/kWp
Installer: Chelsfield Solar

Long before the UK was home to a booming market, some companies were already installing solar; Chelsfield Solar has been doing it since 2002 and are a proud Panasonic Solar Premium Installer.
This system, built in September 2004, uses the smallest-sized SANYO panels of that era, the HIP-190NE1. With just over 1kW of power, the array is performing perfectly even 12 years after installation - this is a testimonial of the fabrication quality of SANYO/Panasonic HIT. The systems's yield last year of operation was over 970 kWh/kWp, above the expectations and the fourth highest yield in the 12 years of operation so far. This demonstrates the steady performance of the system, showing no sign of diminishing performance across the 12 years.

Otterfing, Germany, installed 2006  

Location: Otterfing, GERMANY
PV Module: HIP-215NHE5
System size: 6,02 kW
Installation date: Summer 2006
Specific yield average: 1,127 kWh/kWp
Installer: ESS GbR

The installer, ESS Solar, has been a long-standing Panasonic Solar Premium Installer and has made many SANYO and Panasonic systems in this picturesque Bavarian town. The black frames and cells help keep an appealing look that does not affect the appearance of the landscape. This system has been performing excellently since its installation, with an average specific yield of 1,127 kWh/kWp. The last fully recorded year up to now, 2015, showed a yield of 1171 kWh/kWp. This is a sign of the steady performance of our solar panels over very long periods of time. The customer cannot be more happy about the array and expects problem-free operation until the 20 years of subsidy are reached - and beyond.

Real-time generation data:

Calw, Germany, installed 2004  

Location: Calw, GERMANY
PV Module: HIP-180NE1
System size: 5,04 kW
Installation date: Dec. 2004
Specific yield average: 1,124 kWh/kWp
Installer: Pfrommer Gebäudetechnik

Installed at the end of 2004, this PV array has given an average of 1,124 kWh/kWp specific yield over its nearly 12 years of operation. Located near Stuttgart, this yield is far higher than those projected by the European Union yield simulator, PVGIS, which is 996 kWh/kWp with standard crystalline solar panels.
Real-time generation data:

Deggendorf, Germany, installed 2005  

Location: Deggendorf, GERMANY
PV Module: HIP-200NHE1
System size: 18,20 kW
Installation date: Summer 2005
Specific yield average: 1,105 kWh/kWp
Installer: ESB Tech GmbH

The year 2005 saw the installation in of over 600MW of photovoltaic systems in Germany, most of which were residential roofs in the south. This PV system, located in the city of Deggendorf, provides electricity to a two-stories building. The size of the HIP-200NHE1 was perfect to completely utilise the roof space, with a configuration that had to avoid a roof window. The system has outperformed the expectations every year, topping the 1,100 kWh/kWp mark frequently. In 2015, 10 years after being connected to the grid, it produced 1,116 kWh/kWp, more than the average, demonstrating how stable the performance of our solar panels are even after many years.

Real-time generation data:


Köngen, Germany, installed 2006  

Location: Köngen, Germany
PV Module: HIP-205NHE1
System size: 9,43 kW
Installation date: Winter 2005
Specific yield average: 1,103 kWh/kWp
Installer: Elser Elektro GmbH

In the summer of 2005, SANYO started operation of the new factory in Dorog, Hungary. From there, we supplied solar panels to each European market for many years.
One of the first customers to get solar panels from our new factory was located in Köngen, in Baden-Württemberg, South Germany.
Even though it has to fight shade from a dormer in the roof, this domestic system has performered consistently since its installation in late 2005. As recently as 2015, its specific yield was 1,146 kWh/kWp, an impressive result for any system in Germany, and a true proof of quality for a PV system over 10 years old.
Real-time generation:

Bad Vilbel, Germany, installed 2005  

Location: Bad Vilbel, GERMANY
PV Module: HIP-200NHE1
System size: 5,80 kW
Installation date: Summer 2005
Specific yield average: 1,024 kWh/kWp
Installer: SUNTEC ES GmbH

The German region of Hessen is not located in the most sunny area of Germany. Installed with HIT panels from Japan, right before the start of operations in our factory in Hungary, this solar system is performing well beyond the calculations that simulation tools, such as PV-GIS, predicted. The black-framed HIP-200NHE1 were at the time the most efficient solar panels on the market, in terms of efficiency, on the market. Their black frame and even-toned cells make the appearance stand out against blue-ish polycrystalline panels, something valued by many house owners.
Showing no signs of degradation, this array yielded 1,031 kWh/kWp in the year 2015, a full 10 years after installation.
Real-time generation data:

Gloucestershire, UK, installed 2004  

Location: Gloucestershire, UK
PV Module: HIP-180BE
System size: 1,80 kW
Installation date: March 2004
Specific yield average: 1,556 kWh/kWp

This residential installation is a perfect example of the reliability and the quality of SANYO/Panasonic HIT® photovoltaic modules.
The high efficiency and compact size of the modules made good use of the roof to enable high system output. After 12 years' problem-free operation, the system is generating as much energy as it did in the first year, effectively showing no output degradation and significantly exceeding expectations for crystalline PV modules. It also illustrates Panasonic’s 42 years of experience in PV, and 20 years of mass production of HIT® solar modules.
Panasonic has continuously improved its HIT® modules which now return more power while remaining compact and flexible to install.

Real time generation data:

PVGIS = Online free solar photovoltaic energy calculator for stand alone or connected to the grid PV systems and plants, in Europe, Africa and Asia

SAP = The Energy Software Online Calculation based on the United Kingdom Government's Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) for Energy Rating of Dwellings (2009 Edition)