Extended guarantee

Extended product guarantee of 25 years for Panasonic photovoltaic modules HIT®

Panasonic now offers 25 years product guarantee as proof of its excellent quality and reliability, providing peace of mind to the system owner.

Please fill out this registration form to secure your 25 years extended product guarantee for your Panasonic photovoltaic system HIT®. You will then receive a personalized guarantee certificate for your specific installation and system characteristics. Please make sure to store this certificate in a safe place in case you need it.

Registration for 25-years extended product guarantee (incl. Terms and Conditions)

Solicitud de extensión de la garantía para el módulo fotovoltaico HIT®

General guarantee document

25 years linear guarantee

First year 97 %, from second year -0.45 %/year, in 25th year 86.2 %
+ - 3 % Tolerance, 10 cm space between back sheet and roof