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Panasonic Emphasizes High Quality of Photovoltaic Module HIT®


Coverage of Guarantee Handling Cost and Improved Temperature Coefficient

MUNICH - May 8th, 2017— Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe took a big step forward in guaranteeing the long-term viability of the high-efficiency photovoltaic module HIT®, with the introduction of one of the longest product guarantees in the residential solar industry. The extended guarantee for HIT® now ranges for 25 years, solidifying the notion that high-efficiency solar panels are a long-term investment and that they should be treated as such.
The very low guarantee rate of only 0,0035% (as of January 2017) allows Panasonic to offer their Panasonic Solar Premium Installers upon prior request the coverage of guarantee related cost
(deinstallation and transport) for residential installations. The photovoltaic module HIT® also features an improved industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258%/C, which reflects the recent test results of a 3rd party safety organization. This allows for the modules to maintain optimal performance even in high temperatures. Panasonic’s unrivaled 25-year
product guarantee, coupled with an advanced temperature coefficiency standard, make the high-efficiency photovoltaic module HIT® a secure and profitable long-term investment for homeowners everywhere.
Panasonic first entered the solar industry in 1975 and has been revolutionizing solar technology ever since. The innovative heterojunction technology was then unveiled in 1990, and Panasonic has meticulously advanced and perfected the high-efficiency solar panel since its inception. Over four decades of R&D, rigorous quality standards and 20 years of mass production have resulted in Panasonic’s well-earned reputation for extreme reliability and exceptional performance.