World's largest photovoltaic system with Panasonic modules HIT® in Turkey went into operation


Yılsan Investment Holding and Panasonic built 11.7 MW solar power plants in Izmir province.

Ottobrunn, August 1, 2018. Because of its geographical location, Turkey is in a very favorable position compared to many other countries in terms of benefiting from solar energy. Various projects are accomplished one after another to use this great potential of Turkey in solar energy. The last of them was carried out in Izmir, Kiraz by Panasonic and Yılsan Investment Holding, the latter has become popular with its investments in solar energy systems. With 11.7 MW, this new solar energy system named “Sakura Project” is the biggest HIT project in the world .

Huge Energy Investment of 15 Million Euro
The Sakura Project which was accomplished with the cooperation of Panasonic, the inventor of the high efficiency solar modules HIT, and Yılsan Investment Holding attracts attention as one of the most important projects in this field. The project was realized with an investment of 15 million Euro on an area of 211 hectare. The Sakura Project, realized within the scope of unlicensed investment SOP support, will make a great contribution to Turkey’s energy need with its energy capacity of 11.7 MW as the world's biggest HIT solar project.

"Our Investments in Renewable Energy Will Continue"
Volkan Öztürk, Yılsan Investment Holding General Manager, made a statement concerning this matter where he said, "Turkey has a high potential in solar energy. The giant Japanese company Panasonic is a leader and a pioneer in this technology. Therefore, pursuant to the position of our country in the solar energy field, we realized the Sakura Project in cooperation with Panasonic. As Yılsan Investment Holding, we are experienced in renewable energy investments establishing plants with our investor identity. We have already 122 MW hydro power plant, 17 MW Solar PV, 5 MWt Solar CSP Tower,12 MW Geothermal and 160 MW Wind project in our pipeline. Our investments in renewable energy will continue to carry our country to the future in the field of energy. I wish Sakura Project would bring good to Turkey ".  

"Our HIT modules produce more energy"
"As Panasonic, we are proud of producing one of the most efficient solar modules. Our modules also feature an improved industry leading temperature coefficient of -0.258%/C, which reflects the recent test results of a 3rd party safety organization. This allows for the modules to maintain optimal performance even in high temperatures. The Sakura Project is the greatest HIT ® project in the world. We are pleased to append our signature on such a great project. We wish to realize many other important projects to use Turkey's potential in renewable energy in the best way possible," said Tatsuya Kumazawa, Board Member of Panasonic Eco Solutions Turkey.

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Sakura Project (jpg)
In Izmir-Kiraz in Turkey, a solar park with 11.7 MW output went into operation. The plant named "Sakura Project" is the world's largest photovoltaic system with Panasonic modules HIT®.
Photo: Yılsan Investment Holding

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The solar park named "Sakura Project" is the largest photovoltaic system worldwide with modules HIT® from Panasonic.
Photos: Yılsan Investment Holding


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