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Linea Trovata supplies AZ Sint-Lucas Bruges with efficient HIT KURO solar panels

Linea Trovata supplies AZ Sint-Lucas Bruges with efficient HIT KURO solar panels

For several months now, the AZ Sint-Lucas hospital in Bruges has been generating part of its energy needs using solar panels. In view of the limited amount of roof space available, Panasonic's efficient HIT KURO solar panels were chosen, generating a total of 112.13 kWp of power. The panels were installed by Linea Trovata.

The AZ Sint-Lucas hospital has a high energy consumption due, among other things, to its size and the deployment of large quantities of medical equipment. The hospital is therefore connected to the high-voltage grid in Belgium. "AZ Sint-Lucas is one of the few parties in Belgium that has such a direct connection," says Bert Audenaert, project manager at Linea Trovata.

Child and Youth Psychiatric Departments

This high energy consumption not only entails considerable costs, but also has an impact on the environment. AZ Sint-Lucas has therefore opted to install solar panels on the roof of its new Child and Youth Psychiatry building (KAS) in order to generate part of its own energy needs. This new location was completed on 1 June 2018 and fitted with solar panels in January 2019.

"Both from a financial and environmental point of view, AZ Sint-Lucas wants to generate as much energy as possible itself. However, the amount of roof space available at KAS is limited. That's why we opted for Panasonic's efficient HIT KURO solar panels, which offer one of the highest yields per m². These are the HIT KURO 325WP solar panels," explains Audenaert.

Efficient at high outside temperatures

The efficiency of solar panels is influenced, among other things, by the outside temperature, as a higher temperature leads to higher energy loss. On hot days in particular, when a lot of energy could be generated, traditional solar panels result in lower efficiency. "An important advantage of the HIT KURO 325WP panels is their excellent temperature coefficient of -0.258 %/°C. Even at high outside temperatures, the panels provide high efficiency, which maximises yield."

"The solar panels provide a good price/power ratio and, thanks to their high efficiency, make it possible to generate a lot of energy on a limited roof area," Aerdenaert continues. "The efficiency of the HIT KURO panels is also reflected in figures on customer installations that we collect through our monitoring system. The higher efficiency translates into higher yields in practice." Linea Trovata installed a total of 345 solar panels at AZ Sint-Lucas in five days, with which 112.13 kWh of renewable energy is now being generated.

Active involvement

Linea Trovata has been a partner of Panasonic for 15 years. "The good thing about Panasonic is the active role they play in the run-up to a project like this. For example, someone from Panasonic went with us to the customer to explain the higher efficiency of the panels, which justifies the higher purchase price of the HIT KURO panels compared to traditional solar panels."

Aerdenaert is happy with the project. "We were able to deliver an impressive installation on a beautiful new building. With these panels, AZ Sint-Lucas is maximising the yield of its installation, realising cost savings and protecting the environment at the same time. We are therefore very proud of the project."


Location: Bruges, Belgium

Name of the building: Child and Youth Psychiatric Departments, AZ Sint-Lucas hospital, Bruges

Inverter: 2 X SMA STP Core 1 50 kVA

PV Modules: 345 x Panasonic HIT KURO 325WP

System output: 112.13 kWp

Expected yield: 100 MWh/year

Configuration: South-East

Year of installation: 2019

Installation company: Linea Trovata Suntec NV