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Agriturismo farm contributes to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with photovoltaic system

Agriturismo farm contributes to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with photovoltaic system

Agriturismo Cà de Alemanni in Cremona, Lombardy, is not only committed to sustainable agriculture and soft tourism, but has also decided to contribute to the implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For this purpose, the operators had a photovoltaic system with Panasonic HIT® modules with an output of 110 kilowatts installed last year. The system contributes to three SDG goals in particular: SDG 7 "Affordable and clean energy", SDG 12 "Produce and consume sustainably" and SDG 13 "Implement climate protection worldwide".

The Cà de Alemanni farm embarked on the path towards organic farming in 1999. In addition to producing organic food, the farm meets the criteria of Italian agritourism farms that offer environmentally friendly holidays. In 2020, Cà de Alemanni added climate-friendly energy production. Panasonic partner Eco Casa installed 330 high-performance HIT® modules with a total output of 110.5 kilowatts on a south-facing shed roof. The farm uses solar power for the fans, the cooling cells and the milking system. With an annual consumption of 259,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, the annual electricity costs will be halved. Over a period of 25 years, the PV system will save 2,057 tonnes of CO2 emissions.


Sustainable agriculture and energy cost savings through photovoltaics

"The installation of the photovoltaic system is a milestone in our sustainability journey, and the halving of electricity costs is a very important component for our balance," says Beatrice Santini, associate of the Cà de Alemanni farm. Fabrizio Limani, Senior Manager of Panasonic's Solar Division, comments: "The installation at Cà de Alemanni is very important for us as it is in line with our company mission: to improve people's lives through our technical solutions."

The HIT® 330 solar modules that were installed have an output of 330 watts and an efficiency of 19.7 percent. Thanks to the enhanced frame design they have a guaranteed load-bearing capacity of 5400 Pascal, which can withstand large amounts of snow or strong winds. All HIT® modules are equipped with a water drainage system at the corners of the frame to prevent deposits and improve self-cleaning.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda were adopted by the global community in 2015. The goal is to enable a decent life worldwide and to preserve the natural foundations of life in the long term. Governments worldwide and civil society, the private sector, and scientists are called upon to align their actions with the economic, ecological, and social guidelines.

17 global goals for sustainable development (SDGs):

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms and everywhere

Goal 2: Ensure food security worldwide

Goal 3: Health and well-being

Goal 4: Achieve quality education worldwide

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality

Goal 6: Ensure sufficient and quality water

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

Goal 8: Sustainable development as an opportunity for all

Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Goal 10: Reduce inequalities

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 12: Sustainable production and consumption

Goal 13: Implement climate protection worldwide

Goal 14: Protect life underwater

Goal 15: Life on land

Goal 16: Promote strong and transparent institutions

Goal 17: Global partnership

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With this photovoltaic system the agritourism farm Cà de Alemanni avoids 2,000 tonnes of CO2 and halves its annual electricity bill.

Photo: Cà de Alemanni


Eco Casa, the Italian partner company of Panasonic, installed the photovoltaic system on the roof in a visually appealing way.

Photo: Cà de Alemanni


A bird's eye view of the Panasonic HIT® modules

Photo: Cà de Alemanni

More information:

Panasonic Solar: https://eu-solar.panasonic.net/en/

Eco Casa: https://www.ecocasasrl.com/

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): https://sdgs.un.org/goals