Product certifications assure customers of the quality of a product and its materials. In many cases, some certifications are necessary to sell a solar panel in a given market or to make it eligible for subsidies or support schemes.

The basic certifications valid in Europe for crystalline solar panels are:





The IEC/EN61730 includes the "Protection Class II" declaration for our products.

When IEC/EN61730 and the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive are fulfilled, it is possible for a manufacturer to issue the declaration of conformity and put the "CE" marking on the product.

In the UK market, solar panels for residential use need to be registered within the MCS scheme. This covers most of the same points as the above mentioned IEC certifications.

In the Italian market, UNI norms (UNI8457 and UNI9174) for fire protection are mandatory.

We comply with all these certifications and have additionally passed the salt-mist corrosion test for the highest grade of salinity (IEC61701, severity 6).

On top of this, to prove the longevity of the good performance of our panels, we passed the "Long-term-durability Test" of TÜV with the predecessor of the SJ25 model, the SE10. This simulates the lifetime of a solar panel on the roof and finds out performance degradation after this period. We achieved a fantastic 92% of the original output power in this test.

You can download these certificates from our website.