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Amorton is an integrated-type amorphous silicon solar cell with a new structural configuration. It can be used to produce custom-made products in any shape without difficulty.

The development of the solar cell is progressing with rapid speed. As a new energy tool which can effectively harness the amazing power of sunlight, solar cells have the potential to replace fossil fuels as our main means of power generation. Solar energy is both a clean and inexhaustible resource, and it can be used to produce electricity wherever and whenever sunlight is available. Of these technologies, amorphous silicon solar cells have many strengths that surpass those of the earlier crystalline silicon solar cells. In addition, they require little energy to manufacture and use less raw materials, and thus are truly environmentally friendly devices. This technology also allows larger area cells to be manufactured and can take advantage of the flexibility of thin film materials, and they have already been used in a wide range of applications. SANYO was one of the first companies to focus on amorphous silicon solar cells, and developed and is now mass producing the Amorton integrated type amorphous silicon solar cells that feature a new device structure.

Power Tools  

  • High performance
    18V and 14,4V range giving great performance, quality and efficiency.
  • Maximized runtime
    Tough and long-lasting 4,2Ah battery allows maximum endurance per charger.
  • Tough tool
    High levels of dust and water protection continue to give added durability.

Home building products and materials  

Panasonic storage style from traditional Japanese way of life

  • All items should have its own place to be stored
    We respect Japanese traditional storage style `SHIMAU`and propose the style to store items in its own appropriate place.
  • Items within easy reach
    By using our products customers can see and reach the stored items easily. We realized this by developing Japanese traditional storage `Nando`. This helps customers to reduce unnecessary items and use items for a long time. We believe we can contribute to the further development of idea to take care of a thing.
  • Create tidy and clean space
    Ancient Japanese kept their living space tidy and clean by making an effective use of storage space like 'Nando' and 'Kura'. We believe that this is also possible in our modern lives, even if the storage items had increased. Our products based on the idea of smart storage with a sense of fun will keep the living space clean and tidy.