b) Savings and return on investment

PV systems are a highly rewarding investment today, both for the operator and for the environment. These are the most important reasons as concerns your customers:  

- Even prospective customers who are interested in solar power only from the economic point of view will essentially find it of interest to know that a PV system operator can protect the environment from some 600 g CO2/kWh in emissions with each kilowatt hour they generate in solar power. For a family of four, this amounts to an average annual savings of  2,400,000 g or 2,400 kg CO2.  

But the financial advantage will be even more convincing for your customers: even if the national feed-in tariffs (FIT) are adjusted in the future, many nationally defined compensations are distinctly higher than the actual electricity price.

- In addition to the return on investment calculation itself, your customers will also find the available tax deduction options of particular interest.

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