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Solar news

Heterojunction technology for increased solar yield  


Panasonic is committed to heterojunction technology in cell production, helping it to achieve above-average efficiency. The respected Japanese manufacturer of HIT® high-performance modules explains how the higher cell efficiency is achieved and sets out its research and development goals.

Panasonic at the Intersolar / The Smarter E  


At Intersolar Europe, Panasonic presents a product package for the domestic energy revolution: Heterojunction high-performance modules HIT® and HIT®+, an energy management system for networked building technology and air-to-water heat pumps for heating with solar power.

Panasonic presents HIT®+ module series at Solar Solutions trade fair  


Panasonic will present its new product classification at the "Solar Solutions" trade fair, which takes place near Amsterdam from 19 to 21 March 2019. The three module variants with an efficiency of at least 20 percent and solar cells manufactured in Japan are combined in the HIT®+ product series.

Panasonic presents new HIT® photovoltaic modules with a module efficiency of 20 %  


Improved performance in all versions of the HIT® high-performance modules, offering greater levels of performance even on small and difficult roofs

Clean energy for the Flemish Government  


Photovoltaic system with Panasonic HIT® modules generating green electricity on a government building in Brussels – Linea Trovata installs a successful photovoltaic solution in a complex situation

Biggest HIT® project of the world in Izmir, Turkey  


Because of its geographical location, Turkey is in a very favorable position compared to many other countries in terms of benefiting from solar energy. With 11.7 MW, this new solar energy system named “Sakura Project” is the biggest HIT project in the world.

Solar energy for Olympic stadium in Oslo  


Oslo's Culture and Sports department places order for 212 kW photovoltaic installation on Bislett stadium in Oslo in order to stimulate climate protection via solar energy in Norway – PV installation with Panasonic modules HIT® since end of June in operation

Panasonic and Enphase Energy cooperate in Europe  


Panasonic's HIT® high-performance photovoltaic module and Enphase Energy's microinverter as the ideal combination for long-term high solar yields - Panasonic at the Enphase Energy booth at Intersolar Europe 2018 Hall B3, Stand 120

Panasonic improves frame for photovoltaic module HIT® N330  


In order to continuously increase the quality of its high-performance HIT® modules, Panasonic is focusing on improvements in detail. The frame of the HIT® N330 (also available with 325W) solar module is now being strengthened from 35 millimeters to 40 millimeters, so that it can withstand wind and snow loads up to 5400 Pa.

Panasonic offers linear power guarantee for HIT® photovoltaic modules  


For customers, this means even more security for their investment, as a minimum performance is now defined for each year of the guarantee period of 25 years.

The HIT® KURO, for design oriented house owners  


Panasonic Eco Solutions Europe today introduced its newest product innovation, the HIT® KURO (“kuro” is the Japanese word for “black”). With a 325 Wp and a 320 Wp version, this module has a uniform dark appearance. Boasting a module efficiency of 19.4% (for the 325 Wp version), the panel is a perfect fit for most residential rooftops.

Panasonic Supports the Tokai University Solar Car Team in a World-Leading Solar Car Race, "2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge"  


Panasonic Corporation signed a sponsorship contract to support the Tokai University Solar Car Team again this year as they compete in the "2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge" (WSC), one of the world's top-rated solar car races. This year, the race will be held in Australia for 8 days, from October 8th to the 15th.

From a supermarket to a smart home  


In Mainz, the architect Alexander Maier has transformed an old supermarket into a mixed residential and office building. With a photovoltaic system and battery storage, he has achieved a high level of energy self-sufficiency for the office.

Panasonic Emphasizes High Quality of Photovoltaic Module HIT®  


Coverage of Guarantee Handling Cost and Improved Temperature Coefficient

Panasonic Announces 25-year Product Guarantee for HIT® in Europe  


The news represents a 10-year upgrade on Panasonic’s previous product guarantee of 15 years and applies to all HIT® modules installed from 2017.

Panasonic Celebrates 20 Years Manufacturing Photovoltaic Module HIT®  


Panasonic will count 20 years of manufacturing the high efficiency original photovoltaic module HIT® this October.

Panasonic Secures ‘Class One’ Fire Safety Certification for Italy for its High Efficiency Modules  


HIT® Module Series Given Top Rankings by Testing Services Group TÜV Rheinland


Panasonic Launches New HIT® N295 PV Module For Europe  


295 Watt Panel Becomes Most Powerful Sub 1.6m² Module Available to European Installers

Panasonic Helps Italian Homeowners Discover Benefits of Installing Solar Energy With New Online Platform  


Panasonic, a world-renowned leader in consumer electronics across a wide array of industries, today launched a new, online solar simulation platform for Italian homeowners. 

Panasonic Activates Online Simulator for Dutch Homeowners to Visualize Benefits of Installing Solar  


Panasonic, a world-renowned leader in consumer electronics across a wide array of industries, today launched a new, online solar simulation platform for Dutch homeowners. 

Panasonic Announces Extended 15-Year HIT® Product Guarantee For German Market  


Guarantee upgrade features across comprehensive solar module porfolio including latest N330/325 panel.

Panasonic Photovoltaic Module Achieves World's Highest Energy Conversion Efficiency*1 of 23.8%*2 at Research Level  


Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has achieved a photovoltaic module conversion efficiency of 23.8% (aperture area*3: 11,562 cm2) at research level, a

major increase over the previous world record for crystalline silicon-based photovoltaic modules.

Panasonic debuts high-powered photovoltaic module HIT® N330 for UK and European markets, sets new module efficiency record  


Panasonic Eco Solutions today announced the launch of the powerful photovoltaic module HIT® N330, the latest addition to the company’s high-efficiency heterojunction photovoltaic module product line.

Panasonic to demonstrate solar module and battery storage innovations at Intersolar Europe  


Panasonic Eco Solutions will be demonstrating two new products at Intersolar Europe, which takes place between 10th and 12th June 2015 in Munich

Panasonic launches N285 solar module for European market  


Panasonic Electric Works Europe have today announced the launch of their N285 solar module, the latest addition to the company’s industry-leading,
high-efficiency HIT® product offering. The module will be presented at next week’s Ecobuild show in London, the UK’s largest sustainable design, construction and energy event.

Panasonic HIT® Solar Cell Achieves World's Highest Energy Conversion Efficiency*1 of 25.6%*2 at Research Level  


Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has achieved a conversion efficiency of 25.6% (cell area*3: 143.7 cm2) in its HIT® solar cells, a major increase over the previous world record for crystalline silicon-based solar cells.

Panasonic announces release of upgraded HIT® solar modules for Europe  


Panasonic Eco Solutions Energy Management Europe (PESEMEU) is very pleased to announce the launch of its newest product innovation, the HIT®-N245 and HIT®-N240
photovoltaic modules.