A vision for life

There‘s no progress in business or in a relationship without a vision. A vision keeps things fresh and exciting. Only visions advance our civilization. Panasonic have the vision to make the world a better place. That‘s why we‘re continuously looking for fresh and innovative ways to improve our services, throw our know-how into exhilarating and ground-breaking projects to explore untrodden paths and make life more liveable for everyone.


Fujisawa SST (sustainable smart town)

Fujisawa SST is Panasonic’s answer to the world‘s demand for sustainable living. Planned for 1000 households, Fujisawa opened in 2014 with an ultimate goal of being fully selfsustainable for at least 100 years. With the help of Panasonic products, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 70% and water consumption cut by 30%. Furthermore, the town has been designed for residents to provide constant feedback, allowing the town to continually evolve and meet its sustainable goals. Ultimately Fujisawa SST has become an example of what modern and smart living can be.


Future Living Berlin

Berlin Adlershof will be another smart city project by Panasonic and the first of its kind in Europe. Planned are 6 twin housing blocks with 67 apartments, where people of all ages will live together with the help of modern technology. Panasonic will equip the area with solar modules, batteries, safety and building infrastructure technology as well as assisted living technologies, including our latest Smart Home innovations with heating, cooling and ventilation components.

Solar Car Race

The ”Tokai challenger” is Tokai University’s record breaking solar car powered by Panasonic lithium-ion batteries and HIT® solar modules. Both technologies are optimal for solar car races because of their resilience to high temperatures and their high power output per unit area. We proudly helped the ”Tokai challenger” win the 2009 and 2011 World Solar Challenge in Australia, along with the Sasoi Solar Challenge, South Africa 2012 and the Carrera Solar Atacama, Chile in 2014.

100 Thousand Solar Lantern Project

1.2 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity. This has various negative influences on quality of life. Without light, people are unable to cook, work, or receive medical treatment at night. And without light, children’s education is limited to daytime hours. In order to make the world a better place, Panasonic Solar will give 100,000 solar lanterns to off-grid communities by 2018, the year of our 100th anniversary.

Solar Roof for Toyota Prius PHV

Our newly developed photovoltaic module HIT® for cars has been adopted for the new Prius PHV which was released in February 2017 by the Toyota Motor Corporation. Panasonic’s solar cells allow a high output (approx. 180 W) on a limited area on a car's roof, enabling the charging of the lithium-ion car batteries as well as 12 V batteries, resulting in a possible extension of an EV's travel distance and increase in fuel economy.