Photovoltaic modules HIT

Our outstanding photovoltaic panels HIT encompass the perfect combination of unbeaten reliability, efficiency and performance in real life conditions. Here you can find more information about our solar panels.

KURO black solar module

Black (KURO): N335K, N330K, N325K  

The Panasonic HIT KURO is a full-black module. Designed to offer optimal efficiency and stylish aesthetics, it will blend in seamlessly with most rooftops.

Slim: N250  

The Panasonic HIT N250 measures less than 160cm of length and less than 80cm of width, it is the alternative for small or complicated roofs, as it can flexibly adapt to many situations where bigger solar panels do not fit.

Compact : N300  

The Panasonic HIT N300 is the solar panel that combines a compact size (less than 150cm long) with high power, 300W.

Powerful: N340, N335, N330, N325  

The Panasonic HIT Powerful modules provide a powerful combination of increased module efficiency of 20%+.

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